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Moto GP
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You may perhaps be regularly cleaning your upholstery with brush, vacuum etc but it is advisable to let your upholstery be cleaned by experts every couple of years. Let’s see how these professional upholstery cleaning companies, with their various methods, make your furniture visibly look ‘new’.

Material Identification:

Similar to fabric protection, the material forms the premise of cleaning your upholstery. Depending on the nature of the fiber, soil in the furniture and the color fastness, appropriate method of cleaning is determined by these companies. The furniture after a pre-vacuum is then prepared for further cleaning.

Methods of Upholstery Cleaning:

Broadly there are two forms of cleaning: Wet cleaning and dry cleaning. Expert cleaners decide on the method depending on the material and the amount of soil and dirt.

Wet Cleaning

It is the commonly employed cleaning process for upholstery with thicker soil and dirt requiring aggressive clean-up.

• Hot Water Extraction: Usually referred to as ‘steam cleaning’, the process begins with spraying hot water based solutions to loosen the soil and then with a neutralizing solution the soil is vacuumed off into a separate waste tank. Steam cleaning is the most effective method to extract deep dirt and soil.

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Australian F1, Moto GP & Indycar Races
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Australian F1, Moto GP & Indycar Races

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Elkhart Lake Wisconsin A great racing day.

Superbike at Road America Wisconsin
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39430502 fbb018b63a m Various DEF Flowing Tools

DEF is an acronym for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. DEF Dispensing is nothing but an instrument that holds and releases DEF when needed. DEF is a nontoxic, organic liquid which is a mixture of urea and distilled water. DEF dispensing systems are used in vehicles. The DEF dispensing runs on the principle wherein the nitrogen oxide which has an ability to produce smog is converted into subtle and harmless nitrogen and water vapour.


As any other product DEF dispensing system also has various types of products available in the market. It is very essential that we choose the best DEF dispensing system depending upon the features of the system, price, durability, marketability and use.


DEF Dispensing is broadly of 2 types:


1. Open DEF Dispensing system: As the name says, in Open DEF Dispensing system, the DEF dispenser is not sealed and therefore is prone to contamination due to external sources. In other words in Open DEF Dispensing system while performing the various activities like filling, transporting etc, the system is not sealed. The only benefit with Open DEF Dispensing system is that it is reusable and thus costs less. The major disadvantage is that with Open DEF Dispensing system you cannot guarantee the quality as it is prone to contamination.