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Upholstery fabrics used to cover sofas, chairs and other furniture. They are usually very heavy fabrics and sewing professionals using industrial machines. Another use for upholstery fabrics in the manufacture of machines for the seat, back seat and headliner. Although many people do not lack the materials that are used for any of these elements, many people are more eco-conscious these days, a green choice of place they prefer to sit.

What skills do I need?

Working with heavy upholstery requires knowledge of materials of all kinds, including those that are not technically green. You should know, paint the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative fibers, as well as the best way to reduce it, they (with eco-friendly dyes, of course) and how they are treated to prevent stretching, pilling, tearing or other objects during their use, both at the same time, made-up to the point that he used to be, even after the sale to the consumer.

What training do I need?

degree in textiles, design or something is needed. It is also important to keep informed about the latest innovations in fabric and techniques so that you can remain competitive.

Who is the target group for this business?

Will you sell green upholstery fabrics for furniture manufacturers, both commercial and customs, and, possibly, local car manufacturers, who are used to their seats is to trim.

What I should be able to demonstrate my potential customers?

Show them how the green of the material, how well it holds its shape and dyes and as mild or severe it is. Make sure the sample is an attractive, capable of lifting, so that it can be examined from all sides and especially to. Representative of the material that you want to sell Explain how green it is very detailed and explains the benefits and advantages. Make sure that you are ready and. Capable of any questions that they have to be answered

Who is the competition?

They will compete with mass production, and possibly drapery upholstery of your business. Their main advantage over them is that they are green, but they are not. Hopefully this will be enough edge. If not, then you probably have most of your sales of smaller, independent producers of furniture that will make many of their custom parts from customer orders.

What is the potential market size?

If you are close to the automotive industry in the south of the plant (ie, one that builds seats), you will be able to receive orders after exposure to the auto manufacturers themselves. If the car manufacturer is one, hybrid or electric vehicles, you are much more likely to have a positive response from them builds.

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