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The microblogging growing resurgence, while the large number of young people living habits, leaving the entire Chinese entertainment whom commotion. Not to mention the s and Wang Fei wedding microblogging live events, just look at the frequency of the major stars spoke on the microblogging microblogging in China, a huge spread of power is enough to witness. Recently, I heard of Hangzhou car dealer for the first time the use of microblogging betrayed a Buick, this message is a not only a commotion attracted a fan of microblogging, but aroused the close attention of the big 4s shop, on the 4s shop microblogging extension of the marketing channels of discussion a moment also on the network fired in full swing, 4s shop new microblogging sales channels in the end the probability of success geometry needs to be verified, but the microblogging as a low-cost, high transmission power of new media forms, the use of its vast resources can not be ignored by the automotive supplies business.

Everyone has to tell their desires, microblogging way Biao red in all support

The microblogging spread automotive supplies business can get what

Accompanied by the gradual expansion of the micro-blog audience, in the dissemination of the contribution should not be underestimated. All too easy, a microblogging information issued by the enterprise can be thousands or even millions of users of common concern, and this from the microblogging boost anti-trafficking events such as would be sufficient to witness. If the enterprise microblogging to build a bridge of communication with the riders, not only can greatly promote corporate brand power, better able to build a terminal channels, this is a number of automotive supplies business day and night looking forward to.

 For the first brand survey results, the brand of car audio, car navigation products influence significantly larger than the car decoration, car beauty brand in the field of influence, because the industrial structure of the automotive electronics, car decoration, and other labor-intensive relative to The enterprise is still in the most early stages of brand building, the influence of the truly famous brand is mostly limited to industry sources, has not yet reached the middle of the terminal owners.

The past year, the result of the previous survey in the upcoming survey will be much change in it  We look forward to more of the dark horse have emerged. Main products:  in car camera, are with good quality.

In survey comments, we can also see that terminal owners of critical automotive supplies (electronics) industry’s ills broken, especially in the automotive supplies (electronic) industries and enterprises are mostly gone through the process of accumulation of the processing of the original cost, more direct resulted in the automotive supplies industry brand heteropolyacid, the consequences of the line brands less competitive.

The era of brand competition has come from the first brand survey we are pleased to see that companies are gradually transition the emphasis on brand building at the same time, clearly more concerned about the gap between this stage businesses with high-quality brand in the process of catch up media guide and promote the end consumer, but also to practice the mission of the media where the consumer guidelines. Brand selection of the second session of the automotive supplies industry, ready to go, the moment to test the brand influence is approaching, are you ready