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The so-called vehicle maintenance is to preserve and restore performance of automotive technology to ensure the car has good usability and reliability. It contains a lot of knowledge, timely and proper maintenance, extend the life of vehicles, safety performance improvement, to save money and also a lot of trouble fixing a car. However, today the “change in the contract of insurance” idea happened in the driver ranks still exist, often due to lack of security or maintenance of traffic accidents due to improper right. Therefore, the timely and proper vehicle maintenance to prolong the life of the vehicles to ensure road safety an important role.

We usually say car maintenance, especially out of the vehicle in good technical condition, to extend the life of the vehicle aspects of the work. In fact, the contents of a broader, including car Beautycare this knowledge to summarize it, particularly in the following three aspects:

1, body care also used to refer to body maintenance car beauty. The main purpose is to clear the cars and trucks body a variety of in vitro oxidation and corrosion and to protect, as highlighted car “USA”. It includes:. Polishes, carpet cushion and maintenance, bumpers, skirts and maintenance equipment maintenance units, maintenance coatings, leather, plastic and maintenance, tires, wheel warranty, windshield maintenance, chassis maintenance, engine maintenance appearance

Second car maintenance body maintenance to the car forever young, is car maintenance destination was a few cars driving 100,000 km without major repairs, make sure the vehicle is in good mechanical condition. It includes:. Oil system, fuel system, cooling system, brake system, carburetor (nozzle) the maintenance

Third body renovations such as deep scratches on the diagnosis, treatment, multi-material, bumper repair, wheel (cover) of the Mishap repair, leather -, chemical fiber materials, renovation, restoration, and so the color of the engine. Regular maintenance and servicing of vehicles is divided into two major categories of non-routine maintenance, regular maintenance: Maintenance, servicing, two maintenance-free, non-routine maintenance includes: performing maintenance and seasonal maintenance. Nothing other than the main work, vehicle maintenance and cleaning, inspection, adapter, adjustment and lubrication, and so on. But. With the development of science and technology and automotive industry, computer-based advanced technology widely used in the automotive industry to the next car gradually intelligent, and thus the content of the maintenance of the vehicle was given a new meaning

Vehicle maintenance is a relatively high level of technical complexity of the work, I find it difficult to complete the driver alone, companies need to carry out repairs to the steam. Now there are some in our country Vehicle Maintenance Maintenance Company adhere to the traditional concept of the link, outdated equipment and tools for the maintenance, servicing, or the same old methods and means, with the demand of modern development. Moreover, the quality of service to individual repair business is unsettling for profiteering “black box”, the old filling and maintenance of new, good to bad, charge, maintenance, fees for documents on wild speculations. Therefore, maintenance of vehicles to recall the driver from, be sure, strong technical force, quality of service and reliable, reputable repair business, and not too annoying, is planning to save money, instead of select service vehicles in order not greater . lose

change vehicle maintenance in the hot summer months because of the high temperature, precipitation and more dusty and radiant heat and strong reasons, the motor cars, especially the state of the art.

: To address the needs of the car is running in the summer before the arrival, in combination with two maintenance-free vehicles for the whole season of some of the necessary checks and adjustments to treffen1 to the use and maintenance of the cooling system improve:

A, pay attention to the cooling system of the sealed housing, check the tightness of the belt, thermostat and coolant temperature sensitivity of the situation and so on, and make sure that sufficient cooling water.

B, turn off the cooling system including radiator, water pump kit liability scale. Poor thermal conductivity, since the scale is a significant impact on the heat.