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Northern Virginia is one of the wealthiest areas in the United States, including Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, counties and the independent cities of Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax, Manassas, and Manassas Park. These cities and towns are connected to each other with various transportation means such as railways, roadways, etc.

Northern Virginia has high road congestion rate. The area is counted among the most congested regions in the nation. In order to lessen traffic at gridlock, local governments support other forms of transportation like Metrorail, HOV, carpooling, etc. Northern Virginia Transportation conditions are worsening due to increasing population.

Curvy colonial roads are one of the biggest public transit issues. But the recent renovation of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge near Alexandria that also carries more than 300,000 vehicles everyday into Maryland will double the traffic lanes at that specific narrow area when completed in 2008.

Commuting Through Springfield

2603486251 90edd03078 m Transportation in Mumbai

An extensive network of transportation in Mumbai has made getting around the city really easy and hassle-free. Mumbaikars are dependent on local transport to reach their work places, which are mostly far off from the downtown.

Taxis are an intrinsic part of the life of any Mumbaikar. Tourists can also avail these taxis to move around the city. You will get innumerable number of taxis plying across the city. Traveling in taxis is really cheap. You can get into any of the common taxis-ranging from the Fiat Unos to the Tata Indicas.

Other types of taxis are the cool cabs which have a distinct blue or silver color, consisting of electronic meters. These taxis come with a higher charge, almost 40% more than the ordinary taxis.

The Yellow and Black Taxis are not equipped with an air-conditioning system, but have become commonplace in Mumbai. If you have extra luggage to carry with you, you can hire a top carrier, which comes with sufficient space with the capacity of three large suitcases.

11887190975 a6f46c7759 m All about Auto Transport

If you need to transport your car from one place to another and driving is not a good option is the best thing to use car transport. Auto transport is the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way of transporting your car from one place to another.

As to choose an auto transport company

The first thing you have to check for an auto transport company is not the price but the reliability. You should be able to determine whether a particular auto transport company is reliable or not. To help you, if you are someone who has already used a car transport service to know, ask them for advice and recommendations. Alternatively, you can search the internet for advice from other customers of a particular company.

Preparing your car for shipping

After finding the right auto transport company for you, the next step is to prepare your car for shipping. Remember, though, that most auto transport companies charge for excess weight to the permissible limit, which weigh why it is recommended that you is to remove all your personal belongings from the car. You can also keep the gas tank at ¼ of its level in order to reduce the weight anyway, because you do not need to drive the car. Do not forget to document the current condition of your car to ensure that it is in its good running conditions.

9521827955 b5dfba51f3 m Public Transport In Bristol

Bus travel

Livery of FirstGroup buses in Bristol

Main article: Bus services in Bristol

The are 3 main bus companies that operate across the Greater Bristol area. They are First, National Express and Wessex Connect. They provide services around Bristol and in to South Gloucestershire, National Express provides services including London, Plymouth, Glasgow and Swansea. Megabus run services to London, Newport and Cardiff.

Rail travel

Main article: Rail services in Bristol

Bristol Parkway railway station

The main railway stations in Bristol are Bristol Temple Meads, near the city centre, and Bristol Parkway in the northern suburb of Stoke Gifford. Although the latter is in the Bristol urban area, it is in South Gloucestershire. There are services to UK destinations from both Temple Meads and Parkway stations. There are also smaller stations across Bristol on different railway lines, including the Severn Beach Line, South Wales Main Line, Cross-Country Route, Great Western Main Line and Wessex Main Line.

Journey time to Cardiff is around 45-60 minutes and to London around 90 minutes.

8069685647 8d0622558b m Transports in Valencia

Valencia is not so big compared to other important European and Spanish cities and thanks to the great public transport service it is very easy to move around. Metro, buses and trams can help you to reach the city centre. All these services are pretty cheap and their official websites are very easy to understand and navigate. Here are some information about the different public transport offers.


Valencia metro is modern and very easy to use: it’ a great way to get around the city. A single ticket costs 1.70 euro. The overhead line is great as it links the beach to the northern part of Valencia. The metro is also so important because it now connects the airport and the city Port (Line 5): it is so easy to reach the city now.


The tram is a great alternative to the bus (or the car) as you can totally avoid being stuck in traffic jams. The costs are the same for a metro ticket (1.70 euro for a single fare). If you want to reach the beach, take the Line 4, the new one coming from the airport.